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When buying an electric car, choose "lithium battery" or "lead-acid battery"

Electric vehicle is a very practical means of transportation. Because electric vehicle is light and easy to ride, low cost and convenient to travel, it is welcomed by many people. In daily life, they choose to use electric vehicle as a transportation tool whether they go shopping for vegetables or pick up children from school. When replacing an electric vehicle, there are two choices: lithium battery and lead-acid battery. Is it better to choose lithium battery or lead-acid battery? Which is the better deal to buy? Let's get this straight once and for all today.

Electric cars come in lithium-ion and lead-acid versions

In the past, electric vehicles used lead-acid batteries, but with the release of the new national standard for electric vehicles in 2019, in order to reduce the weight of electric vehicles and increase the capacity of electric vehicles, many electric vehicles have begun to configure lithium batteries.

So when buying electric vehicles, in addition to choosing the brand configuration of electric vehicles, even if the same style of electric vehicles also have lithium battery and lead-acid battery two versions, users can choose to buy lithium battery electric vehicles or Qianfan battery electric vehicles according to their own needs, we choose which one is more cost-effective? Let's compare the durability, driving range, service life, intelligent function and charging time to see which electric vehicle is more suitable for daily riding.

Lithium battery electric vehicle and lead-acid battery electric vehicle which is more durable?

Due to the restrictions of the new national standard of electric vehicles, the weight of electric bicycles can not exceed 55 kilograms, because of the same capacity of battery, the weight of lead-acid battery is much heavier than lithium battery, so it is generally believed that the lithium-battery electric vehicle frame is stronger, the tube wall is thicker, so the lithium battery electric vehicle is more durable than lead-acid battery electric vehicle.

Lithium battery electric car or lead-acid battery electric car which run further?

Due to the weight of the electric bicycle vehicle can not exceed 55 kilograms, so the configuration of lead-acid battery electric vehicle, generally using 48V12Ah capacity battery, endurance range of about 40~50 kilometers, and lithium battery due to lighter weight, you can choose a larger capacity battery, such as 48V24Ah lithium battery, Its range can reach 80~90 kilometers, and even electric cars with power-saving systems can run more than 100 kilometers, so lithium battery electric cars will go further.

Lithium battery electric vehicle and lead-acid battery electric vehicle which service life longer?

The service life of lithium battery is longer than that of lead-acid battery, because the charging and discharging times of lithium battery can reach 1000~1500 times, and the charging and discharging times of lead-acid battery are only 300~500 times, so the ordinary lead-acid battery only has 1~2 years of service life, and the lithium-battery electric vehicle can have 5~6 years of service life, It also said that the lithium-ion battery frame is stronger, so the lithium-ion battery electric car will last longer.

Lithium battery electric vehicle and lead acid battery electric vehicle intelligent function which many

Because of the lithium battery, the cost of lithium battery electric vehicles is higher, the price of lithium battery electric vehicles will be higher, so lithium battery electric vehicles are often some high-end models, in order to increase the technological content of high-end models, many models will be equipped with some intelligent functions, such as a variety of unlocking methods, automatic induction headlights, automatic defense, GPS positioning and so on.

Lead-acid batteries are generally found in mid - and low-end models, which are relatively low in price and focus on practicality and high cost performance. From the perspective of cost saving, these models do not have more intelligent functions.

Lithium battery electric vehicle and lead-acid battery electric vehicle which charge faster?

When we use electric cars, we have to charge them every day, so which of these two types of electric cars charges faster? We know that lead-acid batteries are not only fast charging, so it takes 6 to 8 hours or even longer to charge, and lithium batteries can support the fast charging function, through a larger current for the battery fast charging, can improve the charging efficiency of electric vehicles, many lithium battery electric vehicles down only need about two hours to be full.

To sum up:

Through the above analysis, we can see that lithium battery electric vehicles are more durable, longer service life, longer driving range, more intelligent functions and faster charging speed than lead-acid battery. Therefore, the comprehensive performance of lithium battery electric vehicles is better. If there is a problem, lithium battery electric vehicles are much higher than ordinary lead-acid battery electric vehicles.

When buying an electric car, if it is only a short distance walk, such as only 5~10 kilometers a day, without too many requirements, then you can consider ordinary lead-acid battery electric cars.

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