Power Inverter

   Olaite New Energy Co., Ltd. is a global solar energy innovative application company and  Power Inverter supplier. We provide customers with excellent photovoltaic off-grid and grid-connected products and overall solutions with professional services; With excellent quality, it can fully meet the requirements of various types of photovoltaic modules, off-grid and grid-connected, so that the products can operate efficiently and stably in various natural environments.
   Our pure sine wave hybrid inverter can be set via LCD and can be configured with mains/solar input priority compatible with AC power supply or generator power supply. It can select the input voltage range according to household appliances and personal computers. It has the function of overload and short circuit protection. It also has a smart battery charger. Our pure sine wave hybrid inverter can be used in portable energy storage systems, home energy storage, photovoltaic energy storage, base stations, su
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Olaite is a professional Power Inverter manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our Power Inverter is not only made in China and we have CE certificate, customized, fashion, newest product, but also have provide price list. Our factory also has in stock and bulk goods.Welcome to wholesale.
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