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Rack-mounted energy storage systems with lithium batteries are gaining popularity due to their many advantages


Rack-mounted energy storage systems with lithium batteries are gaining popularity due to their many advantages. These systems integrate lifepo4 lithium battery cells into standard 19-inch racks for easy installation and flexible configurations. As a leading lifepo4 lithium battery supplier, we offer a wide range of rack-mounted lithium batteries to suit different applications.

The lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry used in our batteries provides high stability and safety. With their excellent cycle life and low self-discharge rate, our rack-mounted lithium batteries require less maintenance versus lead-acid batteries. Their lightweight lithium ion cells offer high energy density, packing more storage capacity per volume compared to other battery types.

Our rack-mounted batteries can be used for renewable energy storage, uninterruptible power supply, EV charging and many other applications. We customize lithium battery rack solutions based on your power and voltage needs. Options include battery management systems, HVAC, fire suppression and monitoring. Our experienced engineers ensure proper integration and installation.

As a leading global lifepo4 lithium battery factory, we use automated production lines and rigorous quality control. Our facilities are ISO-certified to meet the highest manufacturing standards. We prioritize product testing and safety at every stage.

With capacities from kilowatts to megawatts, our rack-mounted lithium batteries provide maintenance-free, long-lasting energy storage. Contact our lithium battery experts today to discuss your project requirements. We will design an optimal rack-mounted lithium battery storage system to power your needs.

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